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Twelve-Inch Plaster Mold Tiles

This is part of the studio space where I make tiles. I’m currently working on a large mural that has nineteen twelve-inch tiles and fifty-one four-inch plant impressions. I make the original and then cast a plaster mold of the tile. Wire racks are for making sure the tile dries from both sides. My Cook Inlet clay body works great for tiles. Even the large tiles hardly warp at all. Noticable on one tile is a raven and on another is a tree. It’s great to do some relief tiles every once in a while. The molds weigh about forty pounds each.

It has snowed a couple of feet in the last few days and has been below zero every day for more than two weeks now.

2 thoughts on “Twelve-Inch Plaster Mold Tiles

  1. hi ed!
    looking for several of your 4 inch tiles and wanted to check to make sure that they are still available at the anchorage museum good luck with your current project!

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Yes, the Anchorage Museum has a few fours and Octopus Ink on G Street between 4th and 5th has more varied sizes and designs. I just finished a small load of ravins, moose, caribou, and sea turtles, in the four-inch size, but they are slightly thicker than the usual tile.

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