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Six-Inch Multiglaze Raven

Six-Inch Multiglazed, Collagraph Printed Raven, $75

Photos of a raven collagraph plate, two raven tiles, and the back side of one of the tiles. On the “back side” photo, you can see my name at the top, and underneath is “Silver Hand Artist”, which means I’m registered with the state of Alaska as an Alaskan Native Artist. The tile was printed on January 17, 2012. The five stamps are decoration, but a couple hundred years from now, people will think it’s some kind of code. “Cook Inlet Glacier Clay” means that the main clay in the tile body is from the mud flats next to Anchorage, Alaska. “Vitrified” means that it is fused and has less than 1/2 percent water absorbtion, so it is similar to porcelain in that respect.

I like doing different color combinations; though some designs will settle down in one or two versions over time. I mixed a new glaze called “floating green” that is used for the bottom ground in one of the tiles. I like developing new glazes. I mix my own, usually from recipes in books or on-line. Some glazes need a bit of tweaking before they work on the local clay.

The collagraph plate that was used to print the raven tile is made of 140 lb. etching paper and matte board. It is coated with gesso and acrylic matte medium.

3 thoughts on “Six-Inch Multiglaze Raven

  1. Hello – my husband and I met you in Anchorage in July 2011. We bought one of your fox and the hare tiles. We are about to begin building our house and are very interested in seeing your collection. We are interested in using some of your tiles in our kitchen and bathrooms. Do you have a website or a brochure you can send us with your complete collection? You are very talented! Thank you

    1. Hello Molly
      Thanks for buying the Fox & Hare last summer. I don’t have a brosure but this blog/web site has most of my tiles as posts, with prices. I’ll make up a list of tiles someday. If you live in Anchorage, you can come by and see everything, and there’s lots to see since I’m getting ready for the summer season by building up inventory.

      1. Oops, brochure.

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