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Within the 100 Km mark of Santiago on the Camino

Wish I could post pictures. The Spring country side is beautiful with a lot the trees in bloom. We have walked by apple, chestnut, and magnolias. The small villages take you back into the middle ages with their cobbled streets and stone walled homes and fences. Much of the surfaces are covered in moss and lichens, as are the clay and slate covered rooftops. I only have ten minutes left on the coin operated internet connection here in a cafe near the municipal albergue (hostel).

Only two more stages to walk out of thirty-three. We walked for two weeks to Belarado and hopped on a bus to O´Cebreiro about seven days ago. It was the highest part in Galicia and was windy and cold. Yesterday it snowed a little and then drizzled a bit before we arrived into Palas De Rei. Wore pants, shirt, sweater, and wind/rain jacket and was ok till stopping for water or snack breaks.

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  1. Hey Ed!
    Hope everything turned well to/at Santiago de Compostela! Great city-especially on the roof of the cathedral!
    You gave me your Blog-address in Fonfría (where we all ate together) and I have to say: soooo wonderful art on your tiles!
    all the best, have a lovely may,
    Alexandra (with my mum Eva-Maria = the two bike-ladys from Germany ;D)

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