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On the Camino de Santiago


I´ve been hiking on the Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain for the past two weeks. My Dad is doing it with me and we are going at his pace since he is 82 years old. Still we are averaging about 15 Km or more a day and that is amazing given his age. He is an old athlete and use to do ironman 100 mile marathons up until his mid 70´s. Hope that I´m as active as he is when I get to be his age.

Tonight we are in Viloria de la Rioja at an albergue (hostel) that cost only 5 euros. All the pilgrim hostels are reasonable. We have met people from all over. We thought it would be less crowded walking the Camino, but in Logorno, the municipal albergue was full when we arrived. I´ve noticed that the Camino is becoming more popular for mountain bikers too. There are about 15 walkers for every biker. The afternoon sun is quite hot, especially for a person from Alaska. The temperatures now are like Anchorage summer temperatures.

Gotta go take a nap.

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