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Tiles Ready to Spray

Bisque Tiles


Nine 4″ plant impressions, two 8″ copperplate etchings, and a bunch of cookie cutter fish with stamps and words. These bisqued fired tiles are about to be sprayed with a high calcium semimatte clear glaze. The fire schedule for a clear semimatte glaze requires a fairly fast cool down so that the glaze doesn’t become milky or fogged up. The dark look of the plant impressions will be somewhat absorbed into the glaze and the finished tile will look lighter. These tiles are for selling at the Alaska Natives Federation (AFN) convention in Anchorage and it is my best show of the year. You can find tons of Alaska native arts and crafts there.

I use four different scheduled firings for the four main glaze processes:
1) clear high calcium semimatte,
2) crystalline glaze,
3) opaque multiglazed,
4) double glaze with a strontium carbinate under a second glaze.

3 thoughts on “Tiles Ready to Spray

  1. Highly technical and very interesting process, Ed. I suggest that you gather your knowledge of all things clay and write a pamphlet or even a book explaining how it’s done. Other clay artists who follow you will be interested, of course. But for the record, you should write this down, because of your great success at this process and because of the historical nature of it. Also, people who purchase your tiles will want to know how they were made. A longer explanation would serve that purpose as well.

  2. Good morning Ed, I am looking for several of your 4 inch tiles and don’t know which business might have a large selection. I am especially interested in Alaska animals and birds. Would you advise me please? I absolutely LOVE your work. Thanks Ed,

    1. Hi Merry, If you live in Anchorage, try the museum, Alaska Native Arts Foundation, Anchorage Native Heritage Center, or Octopus Ink. You can also come by my studio if you like.

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