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6″ Copper Plate Etching on Clay

Tile on the left and copper plate etching/engraving on the right. Click on the copper plate image to see a better quality scan.

The copper plate is an engraving that is used to print onto the clay. I have a large etching press that I use to print on the clay like if it were paper. I don’t have a problem with the clay curling during firing since I make my own clay body and have added stuff to the clay body to counter the tendence of flat tiles to warp and crack.

The image on the right of the tile is a white whale, the center is a half man half seal, and on the left is a swan turning into a salmon. The three are samples of Alaska native art that were once drawn on the bottom of wood food bowls or on skins.

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  1. Hi Ed. Your maple leaf impressions are INCREDIBLE and are just what I am looking for to incorporate in the backsplash when we renovate the kitchen in our Vermont home this summer. I’m interested in knowing what 4″ and 6″ maple leaf tiles you have available, the prices, how to order and how to pay. Thanks. Cathy

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