Copper plate printed Alaska native style imagery on clay

6″ X-ray style Alaska native images on Cook Inlet clay

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  1. Hello. I’m a painter, printmaker and ceramicist in New Zealand. I have been trying to source ceramic materials for printing etching plates onto clay. In particular I have been trying to source “potter’s tissue”. I have heard that you mix copperplate oil (printmaking supply) with an oxide or stain. Then you ink up your etching plate, print onto “potter’s tissue” using the etching press…. and then press onto bisqued clay using liquid soap from behind. I’m just not sure where to get “potters tissue” or what it is? I’m happy to share any clay/printmaking techniques I have with you. Have tried stax of them from screenprints to digital decals. I also have done solarplates (intaglio and relief) amongst many others…… and am happy to share information with you. I really loved reading your story. I teach art to primary school children sometimes and try to impress on them that we are using the Earth to create our pieces. I lived in Japan for two years and I always remember a sensei showing me pieces made from local clay. I could tell from your blog that you are fascinated by processes which is really cool.
    Kind regards, Christine Sallis

    1. Hello Christine,
      I’m not sure you understand my process. I print directly onto the clay. I don’t use transfers. I ink up the copper or collagraph plates and lay a slab of clay on top and run both through the etching press. The clay is still soft and squishes into the plate. Sometimes I single fire, but recently I double fire, a bisque and a glaze fire. I don’t know where to buy transfer paper.

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