Halibut Man

A Shaman in his animal spirit form
6″ x 6″ x 3/8″ Halibut Man, $75
X-ray style shaman in his animal spirit form, the halibut.
Collagraph print onto Cook Inlet glacial clay and oxidation fired to cone 6. I use mat boards with cut out designs to impress images into clay, a raised inked line is waxed and acts as a separator to the different glazes.

About Ed Mighell

Former civil engineer turned artist. Received BFA in printmaking. I developed a nice tile clay body using the glacial clay from the inlet next to Anchorage. I sell mainly at the Alaska Native Heritage Center during the Summer. I also go outside, what Alaskans call the rest of the U.S., to large arts and crafts fares.
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2 Responses to Halibut Man

  1. karenkessel says:

    Hi, Ed,

    I purchased a few tiles from you in August at the Alaska Native Heritage Center when I was there visiting from Northern California. We talked about your showing at the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival. I would like to purchase one of these 6″ Halibut Man tiles and a 4″ Caribou tile if you still have any or could make one up for me. I like your new combination figures, too.

    Karen Kessel

    • Ed Mighell says:

      Hello Karen. I remember talking to you about the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival. When it gets light out I’ll look for the Halibut Man and Caribou tiles, scan them and email you the images to see if they are the ones you want. Then we can do the purchase over the phone. Thanks for your interest.
      -Ed, Tile Artist

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