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4" Loon

4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ Loon, collagraph print on Cook Inlet glacial clay, multiglaze cone 6 oxidation.

Read up on the loon while designing the tile. Old time Inupiaqs would put a loon skull in a persons grave because it was thought to be a spirit guide. Found out the loon is one of the more ancient birds and is the only bird to still have some solid bones. The Alaska Geographic publication on prehistoric animals that once lived in Alaska shows an ancestor of the loon on the water living along side dinosaurs.

4 thoughts on “Loon

  1. Hi-
    I would like to order a dozen more tiles — I love the three I got at AFN and need more!

    Ellen Lehman (310) 393-0800

    1. Hi Ellen Lehman,
      I looked at the AFN reciept and you bought three six-inch multiglazed tiles, the muskox, loon, and owls. Do you know which twelve you would like? I’m busy with a kitchen mural till Thanksgiving, but I can fit an order in on the side. It takes ten to fourteen days for the tiles to be done, and I will probably need to make them since AFN greatly lowered my inventory. Thanks for your original purchase and lets talk. When would be a good time to call?
      -Ed Mighell, Tile Artist

  2. I have a 6×6 loon tile dated May 2009. I love it but it was broken. How can I get a replacement and what would it cost?

    1. Hi Sally, I’ll send a photo of 6×6 loon in about a week to see if you would like to buy it, I’m out right now. S&H would be $7 and would go by USPS padded flat-rate envelope. I would have replied sooner but the season is almost over here in Alaska and I’ve been swamped.

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