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Kayak & Orca

Killer whales, or Orca, like to follow long line fishing boats and snack on the black cod and halibut that are brought up. An acquaintance was in a new boat the orca didn’t recognize, so while she was sitting on deck baiting, one of the orca snuck up, lifted out of the water, checked out stuff on the deck and looked my friend up and down. She said the intelligence in his eye was other worldly.

Sperm whales have started to hang around fishermen too and take some of the catch. Smart animals. An underwater video camera recorded a sperm whale gentle twanging the fishing line with its teeth and causing a fish to fall off its hook which it gobbled up.

6″ x 6″ x 3/8″ multiglaze, Cook Inlet glacial clay, cone 6 oxidation. An inked collagraph plate (a mat board plate with a cut out design glued to it) is placed on an etching press and a slab of clay is placed on top. Both are run through the rollers. The tile is trimmed to size and touched up and placed in dry wall and then on wire racks.

I make and sell tiles in Anchorage, Alaska.

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