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Inupiat Girl and Polar Bear

Inupiaq homage to Henri Rousseau
Glacial mudflats in Cook Inlet next to Anchorage, Alaska is used in my tiles

This tile won an award during the Philadelphia Magic Garden’s show at the 2010 ceramics conference.

5 thoughts on “Inupiat Girl and Polar Bear

  1. My mother told me how once, while on the pack ice and when she was very young, her father left her alone to follow some polarbear tracks. She was so scared. Any way when I was taking art history classes, I came across Henri Rousseau’s Gypsy and Lion and it reminded me of my mother’s story. The tile is 12″ x 12″ x 0.5″ and made out of the local clay from the inlet next to Anchorage, Alaska. The clay is a glacio-estuarine clay, meaning it was formed from the mountains by glacial action and deposited in a shallow body of water. It is fired at cone 6, about 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and has near zero absorbancy.

  2. I’ve been looking for you. 🙂 I have two of your tiles, and would love to please have more. How may I contact you? And I think I live nearby, on Hillside Dr.

    1. Hi veronica, I’m in New York right now in the Lincoln Center arts & crafts show, but next weekend I’ll be back at the weekend market till late August.

  3. I am interested in purchasing some of your tiles. I saw some of your work at the Anchorage Museum on my first day in Alaska. I teach in the bush, and could not buy at the time. Some of the tiles I liked are on the web site, but I could not find the caribou or the boat with fish (is it different from kayak and orka?). Do you still do those? Those were two of several I had written on your business card.

    Would I have to come to Anchorage to purchase or do you also ship? Thanks.

    1. Hi Janet. I’ll scan the caribou and fisherman and email you to see if you would like them. I can ship an insured, flat-rate box for $15-$20 depending on how much the insurance costs. I just finished my last show and will wait till Monday to do it, hope there isn’t a rush. Thanks for your interest.

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