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Object Runway Coat

Object Runway Coat
Object Runway Coat
This is what I made for Object Runway 2014, an International Gallery of Contemporary Art sponsored event in Anchorage, Alaska each January. It is pseudo lambs wool with salmon and halibut fish skins sewn on plus Cook Inlet clay pendant buttons. The diagonal zipper actually works, so bully for my new found sewing skills. Sixty-seven pieces walked the runway and mine was one of twenty to make the second round but it did not get in the top five. Bummer. I will gather up other pictures and post them next. Moriah Walker was my model and she also wore my previous entry three years ago, she did an excellent job.

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Object Runway 2011 Anchorage Alaska

Paper Coat for 2011 Object Runway, Anchorage, Alaska
People's Choice Award for 2011 Object Runway, Anchorage, Alaska

(Photo by Mike Conte) Here’s the back of the paper coat. The seals on the upper back are cut outs that are gesso-ed on to the etching paper. The x-ray style of showing parts of the inside like the ribs and stomach is common in Alaska coastal areas where wood food bowls and drum skins were decorated with these types of images. Most of my time is taken up making art tiles with the local clay from the glacial mudflats and it was fun to make something different.

A model wearing the coat was posted a couple of weeks ago. She did a fantastic job of selling it to the audience.