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BIA Providers Conference

BIA Providers Conference
Peter Lind Sr.

I haven’t posted in over a month! Where does the time go? So I did the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Providers conference selling my art tiles from December 2-5. I was between a couple of real artists. The gentleman in the picture beyond the corner of my table is Peter Lind Sr. He has done stuff for Museums and the Smithsonian, and on the other side of my table was Alfred Nauman who has made full size Aleut kayaks for a Paris Museum.

The Dena’nina Convention Center is large. We were on the second floor which is like four floors in a normal building. You can see the sidewalk across the street in the background. A guy was zooming about on a segway that had a specail attachment that scattered gravel and salt around when it started snowing.

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Fur Rondy

Fur Rondy 2012
Rondy Queen (daughter of old friend)

Fur Rondy native arts and crafts market in Dimond Mall, Anchorage Alaska 2012. Ran into old friend from the 1970’s and her daughter, who is this years Rondy Queen! Small world. I will update this post with her name as soon as I talk to her mother. Meant to post this in March. And I had good sales too. Fur Rondezvous is a ten day event in Anchorage at the end of February and beginning of March where people can get out and do stuff. The 1000 mile Iditarod sled dog race starts at this time downtown. My favorite event is the running of the reindeer, which is sort of like running of the bulls, but no one gets gored.