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4″ Raven Tile in Signature Red Oak Frame

Pulled up to the gas pump and spied nearby this raven snacking on a spilt bag of Dorito’s.

I had some custom frames made by a family run wood working business in Ohio. The edge that the tile is resting on is behind the tile. For the smaller sizes, the oak frame costs more than the art tile. The tiles are $42 for the 4″ size, and the frame is $55.

Most of my tiles are online now and should help with sales during the winter. This past year has been the only time where the inventory was in good shape. Usually I can’t keep up with sales. The Anchorage Native Heritage Center will be reopening for the Summer Season on Mother’s Day. The main ingredient in the tile body is the glacial clay from the mudflats next to Anchorage.

2 thoughts on “4″ Raven Tile in Signature Red Oak Frame

  1. I heard about those Doritos. Crunchy and especially good after being scattered on ice-covered asphalt for a few days. Ravens are known for their good taste.

  2. Meanwhile, the framed tiles are strong, something I haven’t seen from you until now.

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