Mammoth Tile

Two Mammoth Tiles

Two Mammoth Tiles


Six-inch square, $85 for the red sky and $75 for the blue sky. The higher price tiles are a two part glaze process and take more time to make. A friend bought a lot of tiles, including field tiles, from me for a backing to a wood stove and asked if I could design and make a mammoth tile for his son who loves mammoths.

I’m reading “Ginkgo” by Peter Crane and plan to make a ginkgo leaf tile next. Ginkgo leaves are a popular item with the Arts and Crafts movement and will go nicely with a bungalow home. I didn’t know the tree has been around for over 250 million years. Wow. I picked up the book at the Chicago Botanic Garden along with a membership that has already paid for itself. Last year I got “Founding Garderners” by Andrea Wulf from the same gift shop. It’s cool to know that the founders of our country were big into gardening.

About Ed Mighell

Former civil engineer turned artist. Received BFA in printmaking. I developed a nice tile clay body using the glacial clay from the inlet next to Anchorage. I sell mainly at the Alaska Native Heritage Center during the Summer. I also go outside, what Alaskans call the rest of the U.S., to large arts and crafts fares.
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  1. Peter Porco says:

    Extraordinary tiles, Ed. I love wooly mammoths!

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