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Mammoth Tile

Two Mammoth Tiles
Two Mammoth Tiles


Six-inch square, $85 for the red sky and $75 for the blue sky. The higher price tiles are a two part glaze process and take more time to make. A friend bought a lot of tiles, including field tiles, from me for a backing to a wood stove and asked if I could design and make a mammoth tile for his son who loves mammoths.

I’m reading “Ginkgo” by Peter Crane and plan to make a ginkgo leaf tile next. Ginkgo leaves are a popular item with the Arts and Crafts movement and will go nicely with a bungalow home. I didn’t know the tree has been around for over 250 million years. Wow. I picked up the book at the Chicago Botanic Garden along with a membership that has already paid for itself. Last year I got “Founding Garderners” by Andrea Wulf from the same gift shop. It’s cool to know that the founders of our country were big into gardening.

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  1. Extraordinary tiles, Ed. I love wooly mammoths!

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks. Mammoths are cool. I’ve sat next to artists at the Native Heritage Center that make nice jewelry from mammoth ivory.

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