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Maple Leaf

Six-inch Maple leaf and seed pod impression on Cook Inlet glacier clay, white slip, brown spray and brush, mason stains, clear glaze, cone 6 oxidation.

Alaska doesn’t currently have maple trees or other hardwood trees. It did before the most resent glacial ice age, but the glaciers took out all of the state’s trees except the willow. Many trees have returned since the receding of the ice caps, though not the hardwoods, yet. Maples will grow if you plant them, just not propagate. This impression is from a leaf down the block where I live in Anchorage Alaska.


2 thoughts on “Maple Leaf

  1. Hi Ed, I was in Anchorage in July 2010 and purchased three tiles from you at the open market. I’m building a house and the 6 inch tile I purchased (Aspen leaves) will be incorporated in the backsplash in my kitchen. I am also interested in the Maple Leaf tile as it appears on your blog site in 6 inch or 8 inch to be worked into my fireplace facing which will consist of slate tiles. How soon would one be available and what would be the price including shipping? Is it available in both sizes? I live in South Carolina, and I am really excited to have your art work in my home.
    Thank you,
    Mary Pettit

    1. Hi Mary, Thanks for your interest. I have several maple leaf tiles ready to fire. They will look slightly different from the posted picture since the leaves and seed pods only last for a couple of impressions and new leaves and pods have to be used. I’ll email you on how to buy them through paypal.

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