1-1/2″ Bear Pendant


1-1/2″ Bear Pendant


The Standing Bear pendant is approximately 1-1/2″ square and strung with a 2mm leather lace.

The pendant is made from the Bootlegger Cove clay gathered from the mudflats near Anchorage.

Pendants are usually fired three times. The first is a bisque firing to cone 04, or about 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, and the other two firings are to cone 6, or about 2150 degrees Fahrenheit. A pendant makes a great gift, though most customers have a hard time parting with their purchase.

The pendants are listed as “in-stock” so you can order and pay. Being a one-person business, it will take about 2 weeks to make the item if it is not currently available. I can email an image of the pendant once it is made for your approval before shipping.


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